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Welcome to Paréa!

We are a community center on Lesvos in Kara Tepe that offers a welcoming environment to everyone.

More than a thousand people on the move are still trapped on Lesvos. Since the fires of Camp Moria in 2020, the Greek island has almost disappeared from public perception - but people are still living here in prison-like conditions for months and years in waiting.  With our center, we want to give people on the move a little hope and bring the community, people and organizations together in solidarity.

Civil society in support of people on the move comes together at Paréa Lesvos.

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Volunteer with us

More about volunteering
at Paréa Lesvos.

Support us!

Help us keep the doors open with your donation.

We rely on your support to offer our space to civil society and the community of people on the move on Lesvos. All donations directly towards sustaining the center.

You can also donate via bank transfer. Please include the purpose "Lesvos" in your transaction.

To: Europe Cares e. V.
IBAN: DE13430609671240904900

Donations are received by Europe Cares e.V., a registered association based in Germany. Your donations may be tax deductible depending on your country. A donation receipt is issued via or for bank transfers upon request.

 Contact us at in case of any questions. 


Reach out via to get in touch.

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